Affordable Fleet Tracking?

19 June 2009 Categories: GPS Tracking

What does affordable mean?

In business the only affordable thing is one that delivers more value than it costs.

Enter – Greenecotrack GPS fleet tracking managment system…

When you look at a fleet tracking solution, you need a solution that not only tracks your trucks and cars, but one that also reduces operating costs. In other words, knowing where your people are is good.  Knowing how much idle time they are burning, how fast they are driving, how much fuel economy they are getting, knowing when their engine emissions are out of range —- now, that’s great.

Here’s why: all of these emissions and diagnostics related measurements allow you to effectively manage your drivers and their results. This drives green to your bottom line…everyday. Driving green mean it drives a Return on Investment.

Our product does another amazing thing during this cost saving process – it reduces your fleet’s carbon footprint. It dramatically reduces your fleet’s output of CO2, Methane and other greenhouse gases.

Go ahead, contact us today to schedule your free demo…

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