Fleet Key Management Systems

25 April 2010 Categories: Motor Pool

If you need a solution to manage the keys of your fleet or motor pool, GreenEcoTrack has just the solution: G.E.T. Key Master System.  The Key Master System provides the following features and is highly customizable and configurable to nearly any imaginable application:

  • Dispatch Staff-Free Key Access via:
    • Pin Code (static or dynamically assigned
    • RFID
    • Biometric
    • Mag Stripe
    • Prox Card
    • and more…
  • Small installs covering a handful of keys
  • Large Installs up to many Thousands of Keys/Keysets
  • Centralized Operations
  • Decentralized Operations
  • Valuable Item Dispatch
  • Electronic Alerting of Key Violations (Email/SMS Text Message/Siren)
  • Integrates with Existing Back Office ERP and Asset Management Software

Since this solution is a hardware/software solution it is possible to custom configure it to achieve nearly any application. If you can describe it, we can build it. Contact us today to learn how our solution is simply the best there is, at any price.

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