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27 May 2009 Categories: GPS Tracking, Roadside Assistance

Green Fleet Management Systems and Advanced Vehicle Location Technologies

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Roadside Assistance

23 May 2009 Categories: Roadside Assistance

We know you depend on your fleet and when issues arise that strand your vehicle and employees on the side of the road, we know that you need them back up and operating quickly. As part of our service, and at no additional cost, we provide roadside assistance including an Auto Call Back feature for all vehicle classes. This gives you peace of mind that if a driver breaks down or is lost, he can contact our 24/7 call center. A representative can then access his precise location and send help immediately. 15 minutes after the service technician’s estimated time of arrival, the system will automatically call the customer to verify that the job has been completed.

Roadside Assistance Plan Features:
  • Towing: Up to 25 miles of towing from the point of breakdown to the nearest service provider or other specified location. There is an additional fee for towing a car more than 25 miles.
  • Locksmith Service: Locksmith services will be provided at an accessible location.
  • Battery Boost: A roadside assistance provider will jump-start your car and/or perform minor mechanical adjustments to start the car.
  • Flat Repair: A roadside assistance provider will replace a flat tire with the car’s available spare tire.
  • Fuel Delivery: A roadside assistance provider will deliver an emergency supply of fuel to the disablement site. If necessary, the car will be towed to the nearest gas station.
  • Winch: A roadside assistance provider will extract the vehicle when it is stuck on ice, in mud, or snow on a normally traveled roadway.

Your plan includes 4 instances of the above services at no charge per year plus, the Auto Call Back feature.

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