green fleet management

11 June 2009 Categories: GPS Tracking

If you are looking for a green fleet management solution, GreenEcoTrack has what you need. We power green fleets coast to coast with our GPS fleet managment tool that enables you to save green while going green. Here’s how:

Green Fleet Management is an important focus for today’s fleets. Your fleet burns countless gallons of fuel and this generates 1,000′s of pounds of greenhouse gases each year. Our Green Fleet Managment system is hardware, software and managment expertise to allow you to run a more profitable fleet that makes less of an impact on the earth.

Did you know that the typical GreenEcoTrack equipped fleet van can reduce its emissions by more than 1 ton? Actually, the number is North of 2,100 pounds of greenhouse gas and other emissions. That is per vehicle. A green fleet of 50 typical light duty vehicles can reduce CO2 and other emissions by more than 100,000 pounds per year. Now, that is a green fleet.

A wise person once told me that “what gets measured..gets managed.”  Don’t you think that measuring your fleets economy, emissions and drivers will reduce expenses and drive green – dollars and emissions? Of course it will. So, give us a call today!

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