Gross Polluters – Monitoring the Vehicles that Pollute the Most

23 May 2009 Categories: Remote Diagnostics

Gross Polluters
Monitoring the Vehicles that Pollute the Most

The Problem: Certain high mileage vehicles such as taxis and transit vehicles are considered gross polluters and contribute a high percentage of air pollution in metropolitan areas.

The Solution: Install economically-priced GreenEcoTrack Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems.

How does continuous monitoring technology work?
GreenEcoTrack‘s system dynamically measures and reports the status of a vehicle’s emission control system. The system collects emissions-related data from a host vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) or J1708 system and transmits these data over a wireless network to an Internet-based computer system. Networkfleet is easily installed as it requires no wiring. GreenEcoTrack is able to monitor emissions on 1996 and newer cars and trucks. Agencies receive daily e-mail summaries detailing the operational status of GreenEcoTrack-equipped vehicles or may visit a remote monitoring website.

What are the benefits of early warning emissions monitoring technology?
Failing vehicles that would otherwise continue to drive in a heavily polluting condition between inspections are dynamically detected and reported. Without this type of monitoring, non-compliant vehicles continue to emit excess NOx into the environment since the vehicle appears to function properly. Oversight agencies should mandate repairs to maximize pollution reduction benefits.

Why would a taxi or transit company agree to install GreenEcoTrack systems?
Fleets in the program can use Networkfleet’s web-based wireless vehicle management application to access valuable real time performance data such as diagnostic trouble codes, mileage, recalls, miles per gallon, speed and vehicle location. California fleets can enroll in a no cost remote smog check program.

Can GreenEcoTrack  remotely monitor diesel emissions?
Yes. Networkfleet’s system monitors the performance of the emissions systems of heavy diesel vehicles and buses.

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