How to Track a Fleet Without Breaking the Bank

02 July 2009 Categories: GPS Tracking

Face it, tracking a fleet can be an expensive and complicated endeavor. But, it doesn’t have to be.

If you consult with a fleet tracking and management professional, there are significant ways you can ensure you receive the best product and service combination and keep the capital outlay to a minimum. Let’s discuss the consultation part of the process.  Your fleet has unique usage and abusage and you have “hot buttons” that need to be addressed.  The best way to get the solution that best fits your needs is to work with someone that takes the time to get to know your needs and wants and then tailors a solution of products and services to accomplish your goals.

In fleet tracking there are 5 things, we’ll call them pillars, that have to  work or fit together in a harmonious way to achieve a successful rollout that is budget friendly and ROI conscious, these are:

  1. Your Unique Needs
  2. The Hardware
  3. The Service / Reporting
  4. The Company You Choose
  5. The Rollout/Adoption by Your Organization

We talked about unique needs above, so let’s discuss hardware for a moment. Not all hardware is created equal. You want to make sure the actual devices installed in your fleet will stand up to the use and abuse that is customary with your operation. The needs of a Pizza delivery fleet and a long haul operator are different.

The service and reporting is critical because once the units are installed you should really be able to comfortably forget about them. It’s really the monthly service you pay for in exchange for the reporting/tracking capability. This is where most situations go awry. Too often the sales process focuses on the low end hardware with cheap monthly service and then to top it off, the reporting and usability of the reporting is not considered. It is assumed that all tracking and reporting is the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  It is the single most intimate part of the recurring relationship with the system and you have to “get out of it” what you need or it is not going to work for you.

The company you keep (choose) it says alot about your organizations priorities. There are alot of companies that sell a product and charge for monthly service, but how many of them help you to improve your ecological impact AND empower you to convey your improvement to stakeholders, customers and the public?

Rollout and Adoption is key because there is a secret formula to fleet tracking success and it is: rollout + adoption = usage.   So, you rollout the program as something that will improve your revenue, reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction and the drivers will still feel like “BIG BROTHER” just jumped in the truck with them. If you could rollout it out as a way that your fleet is going green and it will drive revenue and reduce costs and not only improve customer satisfaction BUT additionally raise the public goodwill…now you have something. Something that will transcend the big brother persona. Then we get to adoption. The drivers will drive – they always do. Adoption talks to the management of the tracking solution – pulling reports, reporting results and redirecting behavior and more. Regular, consistent and persistent adoption activities will establish this as a thread in the fabric of the organization. One way to have newsworthy  reports to staff and external parties is to report on the green impact you have made by using the system.

The secret to accomplishing all five of the pillars is to select a tracking provider that can help you every step of the way. The Greenecotrack team is the team to do that. Use the form on the right to contact us today.

A Greenecotrack Strategic Account Manager can work with you to assure success.

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