Issues Faced by Today’s Fleets

08 June 2009 Categories: GPS Tracking

A recent survey of Greenecotrack customers and prospects reveals the following major issues faced by fleets of all sizes:

  • Growing compliance issues with federal, state and local mandates increase pressure to provide environmentally friendly products and services
  • Rising Public Preference to Support Eco-Oriented Businesses
  • Rising fuel costs
  • Rising Insurance Costs
  • Security and Liability Concerns
  • Ability to Raise Customer Service Levels
  • Need to Reduce Costs and Grow Revenues
  • Vehicle Downtime
  • Unknown Employee Whereabouts/Efficiency

Our unique solution set: hardware, software and service delivers green fleet management and robust solutions for each of the challenges above. Whether you are managing one vehicle or 10,000. The benefits are clear and compelling. Give us a shout today to learn more.

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