Strapped Businesses Find Fleet Management a Great Resource

18 August 2009 Categories: GPS Tracking

A typical customer of ours is spending $200 a month per vehicle for Insurance and over $300 a month in Fuel.

These costs never go down if the business is growing.  Even in lean times, the smart business looks for ways to maximize the effectiveness of every asset.

Enter the Strapped Business.  At first glance, this business is struggling to keep up with the market and to contain operating costs.  Customers are more demanding and employees are less motivated.

How does this business get past the hurdle?

Management. Fleet Management.

Let me explain…

By leveraging our system of management tools. The strapped business can reduce gasoline burn by 10% and receive a 10% insurance discount. These two hard dollar savings more than pay for the solution in month one. At that point the management effectiveness is now a bearer of a significant plus-side for the business. And hey, we haven’t even talked about the green fleet benefits…

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